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Click Here to Turn Google Safe Search Off!

To turn Google Safe Search OFF, you need to access Google’s Preferences. Turning off the strict filtering will need to be done within each browser you use. The problem is, sometimes Google safe search goes back to the default of moderate filtering.

To override your computer settings, there are tools that allow you to turn off safe search.

We also take great strides to show users how to turn Google safe search on with sites that lock safe search, especially for kids. That said, there are those who want to have access to unfiltered Google search results.

To lock safe search in the off position, regardless of your computer setting, proceed to turn safe search off automatically.

Google Safe Search OFF

The choice is up to each individual user as to whether they want to turn safe search off or select a filtering setting that screens Google search results. Be careful of infecting your computer when accidentally visiting websites that may have malware, spyware or adware.

Here is a screen shot showing you how to turn safe search off…

google safe serch off
Should your computer become infected by malware or a Trojan virus due to bad websites, consider these tools…

Always ensure the sites you visit with safe search off are safe and secure.

Spam Free Search Engine:

Search engines are constantly fighting against spam. It is a losing battle when search engine operators simply lower the ranking of a spam website, but do not remove it entirely.  You may be interested to try Spam Free Search.

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